TAU Unbound

Episode #1: How to Translate Medicine?
Prof. Dan Peer
Episode #2: How Quantum Computing Will Impact Our Lives?
Prof. Yaron Oz
Episode #3: To Fall in Love with Israel
Maureen Meyer Adiri
Episode #4 - Siege Mentality - what is it and why it’s critical to understand?
Daniel Bar-Tal
Episode #5 - What is the Future of American Politics?
Prof. Udi Sommer
Episode #6 - A Look Behind the Scene of Middle East Peacemaking
Prof. Itamar Rabinovich
Episode #7 - What is the Future of Computing
Prof. Tova Milo Dean
Episode #8 - The Future of cancer Treatment
Prof. Ronit Satch-Fainaro
Episode #9 - Decoding the DNA of Israeli creativity
Prod. Moshe Zviran
Podcast #10: What is Popular Culture and What Happened to the Israeli “Sabra”?
Dr. Miri Talmon
Podcast #11:What is Material Science
Prof. Noam Eliaz
Podcast #12: About Anne Frank’s Story and the African Continent
Dr. Irit Back
Podcast #13: How to prepare for an Unforeseen Disaster
Prof. Bruria Adini
Podcast #14: Meet Israel’s Best and Brightest - Volunteers in Africa.
Yaeli Benovich & Offir Inbar
Podcast #15: What are the Collective Consequences of Lack of Sustainability
Prof. Vered Blass
Episode #16: Why Doesn't Israel Have a Constitution?
Prof. Hanni Lerner
Episode #17: Why inclusive organizations do better?
Prof. Milette Shamir & Prof. Neta Ziv
Episode #18: Brain, Sex and Gender - what are the relations between them?
Prof. Daphna Joel
Episode #19: Who Owns America? Lessons from the Civil war
Dr. Yael Strenhell
Episode #20: Why Archeology is the Science of the Future?
Prof. Yuval Gadot
Episode#21: Unveiling the Secret Life of Plants - With the Help of Bats
Prof. Lilach Hadany & Prof. Yossi Yovel
Episode#22: Why the question of who is responsible for the climate crisis is irrelevant?
Prof. Avigdor Abelson
Episode#23: Why the shift from massive satellites to nano-satellites will shape our future?
Prof. Meir Ariel
Episode#24: What is Urban Law and why is it so critically important to our lives?
Prof. Yishai Blank
Episode #25: “What is Israel’s Secret Sauce?”
Udi Aharoni
Episode #26: The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival
Michal Rudnick & Dolev Amitai
Episode #27: Ido Aharoni & Eran Yashiv on Macroeconomics
Eran Yashiv
Episode #28: Ido Aharoni & Erez Shmueli: what is big data?
Erez Shmueli
Episode #29: Ido Aharoni and Laura Rosen: the collateral damage of smoking
Laura Rosen